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Number and Algebra Disc Manipulation with Zero Pairs (Basic)

Use the discs below to represent given expressions in the drop down list below. Then, if the expression can be simplified by combining like terms, ie. add or subtract like terms, do so, and represent the final expression using the discs as well. (Version 9, 31 Jan) This tool will continue to be developed, and users are welcome to feedback to author for improving the design or to additional features and use cases.
Above made possible thanks to forum help by rami titled "Button Command (ggb script or JS script) for action on selected objects)"


Click on the link below to see how to 1. Add discs to the screen 2. Remove a particular disc (by clicking on the disc and then clicking the yellow button with the trash can icon) 3. Removing all discs and items on screen (by clicking on the large trash can icon)