Hotel Lounge Table (AR Modeling Challenge)

The goal here is to reconstruct the 2 displayed pieces of this table using 2 surface equations (with domain restrictions) within GeoGebra Augmented Reality. Modeling Clues: 1) For the blue surface, the radius of the top circle (parallel to the plane z = 0) is 2. 2) If more of the blue surface could be shown, you would see its apex at (0,0,10). 3) The intersection of the blue surface with the plane z = 0 is a circle with radius 2.5. 4) The intersection of the pink surface and the plane x = 0 is a pair of intersecting lines that cross at (0,0,1). For these two lines, . 5) For the pink surface, the radius of the LARGE opening at the top =.

Quick Demo