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Function Notation

Below are functions f(x) which is blue, g(x) is green and h(x) is purple. Click and slide the red diamond to change the value of x. As x changes the values of each of the functions is updated. Try sliding the diamond and observe how the function values change.

1. Find f(2), g(2), and h(2). This means, evaluate f(x), g(x) and h(x) when x = 2. Write your answers below.

2. Find f(3), g(3), and h(3). Write your answers below.

3. Find f(0), g(0), and h(0). There is an error with h(0); what should it be?

4. Find f(-1), g(-1), and h(-1). There is a problem with h(-1); what is the problem?

5. Find x when g(x) = 9.

6. Find x when f(x) = 9.

7. Find x when h(x) = 6.