Copia de Domain and Range: Properties of the function

This applet demonstrates the domain and range of a function as well as stating the monotonicity of the functions. Monotonicity is the function's characteristic known as increasing, constant, or decreasing from left to right. You can change the number of segments by dragging the n-slider.
  • The Domain is the green line.
  • The Range is the blue line.
  • You can drag red points with your mouse.
Graph of the function is polyline. We can change the position of its vertices (red points). Wykres funkcji jest łamaną. Możemy zmieniać położenia jej wierzchołków (czerwone punkty). Yuri1969 is a Polish member of the GeoGebra community. Original file at Yuri1969 GGForum, adapted by A B Cron, Created with GeoGebra