Rectangular Prism Diagonal Exploration in GeoGebra AR

Cube, Prism


1) On your non-iOS device, open GeoGebra 3D Graphing Calculator. 2) Press the 3 horizontal bars (upper left corner). Select OPEN. 3) In the SEARCH TAB that appears, type NNUNEtR8. Be sure to either copy & paste this code or type it just the way you see it here. You should see a rectangular prism appear. 4) In the algebra window below, scroll upwards until you see sliders labeled o, q, & r. (See first few seconds in video below). 5) Press the AR button lower right, and get this prism to be shown in Augmented Reality. 6) Move sliders o, q, & r around to change the length, width, and height of this rectangular prism. 7) Now, below, find the i slider (located 2 rows above the o slider). Slide this slider slowly. Carefully observe what takes place here. 8) If the box measures 3 ft by 4 ft by 5 ft, how can we find the length of this prism's diagonal? That is, how can we find the distance from one corner of this prism to its opposite corner? 9) Same directions for step (8), yet this time for a box that measures 5 ft by 5 ft by 5 ft. How about for a room that measures 13 ft by 15 ft and is 10 ft high?

Demo: This screencast was recorded on an ACER Chrome Tab 10.