Linear Intercept

How do you find slope? (Unit 3, Lesson 1)

How do you find slope? (Unit 3, Lesson 1) What is slope?

Create a graph showing the equations y=14x and y=14x−5. Explain how the graphs are the same and how they are different.

A cable company charges $70 per month for cable service to existing customers.

  1. Find a linear equation representing the relationship between x, the number of months of service, and y, the total amount paid in dollars by an existing customer.
  2. For new customers, there is an additional one-time $100 service fee. Repeat the previous problem for new customers.
  3. When the two equations are graphed in the coordinate plane, how are they related to each other geometrically?

Match each graph to a situation.

  1. The graph represents the perimeter, y, in units, for an equilateral triangle with side length of x units. The slope of the line is 3.
  2. The amount of money, y, in a cash box after x tickets are purchased for carnival games. The slope of the line is 14.
  3. The number of chapters read, y, after x days. The slope of the line is 54.
  4. The graph shows the cost in dollars, y, of a muffin delivery and the number of muffins, x, ordered. The slope of the line is 2.