Percentages: Tax and Tip

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If you ever go to the store and buy anything, you have to pay tax. I'm assuming all of you have to buy things so you definitely need to know how to do this! Also, if you like to go out to eat, I hope your tip your waiter or waitress. Guys and gals, I know you pretty well so I know you are going to want to impress your date. Don't be the one that has no idea how to tip!! Now you know that you will ACTUALLY use MATH in the REAL WORLD, let us get started!


1. Watch Video 2. Look at questions and use activity to help you solve the problems. 3. Create your own word problem using BOTH tax and tip. SOLVE the problem.

YouTube Video Explanation

Percentages: Tax and Tip

Question 1

You are at GOCOS to buy breakfast. A breakfast pizza is $5.00. The tax is 10%. What is the total price?

Question 2

You are at Dauphins Restaurant with your significant other. You have treated them to a nice meal. Your meal cost $150. You want to give your waiter Stevie a 20% tip. What is the total?

Question 3

You are eating lunch at King Chick. Your food cost $15. You have to pay a 10% tax and you want to tip the waitress 15%. What is the total cost?

Question 3- Your Turn

Create a word problem that includes using both tax and tip. Solve the problem and post the solution. You can be creative in how you post the solution. You can type the solution in the box, create a video and upload it, or upload a video to YouTube or GCR and post the link. Have fun!!!