Nonstandard Measurement

So often we only measure with rulers when learning about measurement. Here you will explore nonstandard forms of measurement! Your job is to use the measurement tools to determine the length of each segment based on the strip units. To measure a segment:
  1. Select which segment you want to measure (A - F). You can only measure one segment at a time.
  2. Click on the fraction strip number you wish to try first. Click on the screen to make it appear.
  3. Click Toolbar Image. Use the left blue point to drag the strip to line up with the edge of the segment. Use the right red point to rotate the strip so that it is aligned with the orientation of the strip. Note: If your strip is too long, right click on it and select "Delete."
  4. If you need additional strips, click the fraction in the tool bar.
  5. If you click on the right red point of your first strip. This will add it to the end of your strip to continue with the measurement. Continue adding or deleting strips until you can accurately measure each strip.
  6. Think you know the length of the segment based on the strips? Enter the length into the input boxes. You can enter a proper fraction, improper fraction, or mixed number based on the length of the segment.