A.4.10 Practice Problems

Problem 1

The cost for an upcoming field trip is $30 per student. The cost of the field trip C, in dollars, is a function of the number of students x. Select all the possible outputs for the function defined by C(x)=30x.

Check all that apply

Problem 2

A rectangle has an area of 24 cm2. Function f gives the length of the rectangle, in centimeters, when the width is w cm. Determine if each value, in centimeters, is a possible input of the function. 3 0.5 48 -6 0

Problem 3

Select all the possible input-output pairs for the function y=x^3.

Check all that apply

Problem 4

A small bus charges $3.50 per person for a ride from the train station to a concert. The bus will run if at least 3 people take it, and it cannot fit more than 10 people. Function B gives the amount of money that the bus operator earns when n people ride the bus. a. Identify all numbers that make sense as inputs and outputs for this function.

b. Sketch a graph of B.

Problem 5

The graph of function f passes through the coordinate points (0,3) and (4,6). Use function notation to write the information each point gives us about function f.

Problem 6

Two functions are defined by the equations f(x)=5-0.2x and g(x)=0.2(x+5). Select all statements that are true about the functions.

Check all that apply

Problem 7

Match each feature of the graph with the corresponding coordinate point. If the feature does not exist, choose “none”. A. maximum B. minimum C. vertical intercept D. horizontal intercept 1. (0,7) 2. (1.5,2) 3. (4,16) 4. none

Problem 8

The graphs show the audience, in millions, of two TV shows as a function of the episode number. For each show, pick two episode numbers between which the function has a negative average rate of change, if possible. Estimate the average rate of change, or explain why it is not possible.