virtuoso calligraphy

We can find the same construction of the division of a square into four kites and a smaller square at the Friday Mosque of Isfahan. In it the edges are divided into a piece b = 1/3 a and a piece a - b = 2/3 a. More the lines are broadened bearing a geometric pattern with 5-fold symmetry and regular decagons along the edges of the squares and kites.
As virtuoso as the realisation of complex geometric patterns is how the creator manages to write down a calligraphic text, referring to Ali, the first immam of sjiism, and writes his name in the middle square. Try to realise that the decorator has to follow the rules of Kufic calligraphy and the same time fit with the kites and the square.. (See Arabic Calligraphy) De translation of the Persian text is:
(under left)When our crimes were listed out
(upper left)Taken with and weighted on the balance of the deeds
(upper right)Our guilt was the heaviest of all, but
(under right)Forgiveness was given to us thanks to the love of Ali.
(middle)Created by Mohammad Hossein ibn Mohammad Ghawami