Line and plane

1. On the top right, click on the "rotate" icon between the magnet and the cube to rotate the diagram (you can also change the speed of rotation). For the plane, 2a. The first three sliders nx, ny and nz represent the components of n, the normal vector of the plane Π. 2b. Use the fourth slider to change the value of k in the equation of the plane Π: r.n = k. For the line, 3a. The first three sliders ax, ay and az represent the components of a, the position vector of the line l. 3b. The next three sliders bx, by and bz represent the components of b, the direction vector of the line l. 3c. You can use the λ slider to change the value of λ to show how the point with position vector r = a + λb traces out a line. 4. Use the checkboxes to see the following:
  • The angle between the plane Π and the line l;
  • The projection of the line l on the plane Π;
  • The reflection of the line l in the plane Π.