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IM1.7.1 Dancing Ribbons

Abby, Beth, Claire, Dan, Evan, Francis, and Gene are preparing a routine for their high school drill team. As part of their routine, they want to move to the position below. Beth thought it would be cool if they could connect all of their members with ribbons as part of the dance. Check Pattern 1 to see Beth's design. Gene really liked this idea, so he suggested they do another pattern as well. Check Pattern 2 to see Gene's design.

(For these questions, the units on the grid above are meters) 1. In pattern 1, some of the members think that the ribbon from Gene to Claire will be shorter than the one from Gene to Beth. How long are each of these ribbons? Explain how you calculated these lengths. 2. Beth is in charge of ordering materials for the team. She would like to know if the ribbons from pattern 1 are long enough to make pattern 2, or if she needs to buy more. Investigate this problem, and make a recommendation to Beth.


Explain how to find the distance between any two points (a,b) and (c,d) on the coordinate plane.