Four-bar linkage with scripts

This activity belongs to the GeoGebra book Linkages. In the following construction we have applied scripts to our rhombus. Boxes E' and F', when activated, show the isomeric positions of E and F, respectively. We have differentiated the stroke style of the four bars to better visualize the cases where two bars overlap.
The scripts used are detailed below. By activating or deactivating the box E' (governed by the boolean e): SetValue(E, If(e, U, F-(1,0))) By activating or deactivating the box F' (governed by the boolean f): SetValue(F, If(f, O, E+(1,0))) By moving point E: SetValue(E, Intersect(Ray(O,E), Circle(O,1))) SetValue(F, If(f, O, E+(1,0))) SetValue(e, E==U) By moving point F:  SetValue(F, Intersect(Ray(U,F), Circle(U,1))) SetValue(E, If(e, U, F-(1,0)))  SetValue(f, F==O)
Author of the construction of GeoGebra: Rafael Losada