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Volume of rectangular prisms

Lesson objective: Student selects and uses the appropriate unit to estimate, measure and calculate volumes and capacities, and converts between units of capacity (MA3-11MG)

Goodmorning everyone. We will be working towards achieving today's lesson objective via these Geogebra activities. Feel free to quietly discuss your ideas and problems with the people sitting beside you as you work through these activities. As per our class expectations if we start distracting the people working near us we will all lose our Friday afternoon privileges. Please remember to make a record of any cool ideas or tricky situations you come across while working through these activities and bring them to the chat mat at the end of the lesson so we can discuss them as a class.

The volume song - This video is of a song that may help you remember how to find the volume of a rectangular prism.

According to this video...

Cubic units label how many dimensions, When we answer any volume questions?

Bonus question

 What is the abbreviation for cubic metres?

This applet can help you see what the rectangular prisms we made in our previous activity may look like when they're drawn with a computer.

This applet shows us what happens to the dimensions of a rectangular prism when we manipulate it's measurements.

Working out the volume of a rectangular prism with unit cubes

Manipulate this rectangular prism. What will the height of this prism be if it has four layers? If C represents the length of the prism and A represents the height, what does B represent? Adjust the size of this prism to make A = 5, B = 6 and C =2. What is the volume of this prism? If it was filled with one centimetre cubes, how many could it hold? Explain your answer to the person sitting beside you. Would subtracting a layer make the volume of your prism bigger or smaller?

Volume of a Rectangular prism - Here the Allroundmathguy needs to work out the volume of a trailer to figure out how many boxes his truck can fit. The units are discussed in American customary units (feet instead of centimetres). If this is confusing you

How many boxes were in each layer of the Allroundmathguy's rectangular prism?

What unit is more appropriate for estimating the volume of the back of the moving truck in the video?

Select all that apply
  • A
  • B
  • C
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Bonus question

Is the above image of a pink rectangular prism or a pink cuboid? Explain your answer in three dot points.