Exploring the nets of prisms

Tick each of the boxes to see the vertices, edges and surfaces of a cube.
Use your mouse to change the pattern of the net of a cube. How many nets do you see? Now use your mouse to make the cube open and close. Watch how the surfaces of the 2D net form together with edges.

Give it a go!

Now its your turn. How many nets of a cube can you make?

We can make a lot of nets for a cube. Can we make the same amount for a rectangular prism or a pyramid? Explain your answer.

Play with the toggles to change the dimensions and unfold the pyramid.

How many edges does a pyramid have?

Check all that apply
  • A
  • B
  • C
Play with the toggles to change the dimensions of the rectangular prism.

How many household items can you list which have the same net as a rectangular prism (it doesn't matter how big or small!)?