Hexagon - Rotational Symmetry


Rotational Symmetry - Hexagon

Rotate the hexagon by moving the RED X around the circle. Note each time the rotating polygon rotates onto the original shaded hexagon.

List Rotational Symmetries

List all rotational symmetries for a REGULAR HEXAGON. Separate each measurement with a comma. You may use an " * " or "d" to represent degrees. IE: 360 degrees, should be entered as 300* or 300d. You may also use the function editor to insert a degree symbol " ° ". Please Note: This software, at the time this question was created, does not actually check if your response is correct. It is up to you to compare your response to the correct answer.

Number of Rotational Symmetries

How many times does a REGULAR PENTAGON rotate onto itself until it is back to the beginning? Include the rotation 360°.

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List the Rotational Symmetries

Choose the list that includes all rotational symmetries for a REGULAR HEXAGON:

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