Rummaging through the Move Toolbox

What's in this toolbox?

What's in this toolbox?

OBJECTIVE: To learn how to use the tools inside the Move Toolbox

The leftmost toolbox in the toolbar of GeoGebra Classic's Graphing Perspective is theMove Toolbox (highlighted below). In the introductory lesson to this Activity Series, you've probably discovered the 3 tools inside the Move Toolbox: the Move Tool, the Freehand Shape Tool, and the Pen Tool. Interact with the applet below for a few minutes. Discover what each tool does and answer the questions that follow.

QUESTION: What is the difference between the Freehand Shape Tool and the Pen Tool? Briefly explain.

QUESTION: How do you erase your drawings?

TODAY you learned how to use the 3 tools in the Move Toolbox.

In future lessons, you'll learn how to use the tools in the other Toolboxes. Did you ENJOY doing freehand sketches?