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Cylindrical Coordinates: Dynamic Illustrator

Students: You can use this applet to help you better visualize plotting points in 3-space on a CYLINDER. (Hence, the name cylindrical coordinates). Cylindrical coordinates are expressed in the form . For , this applet uses units of RADIANS. The ORANGE POINT = THE POINT YOU'RE PLOTTING. How can we describe what each of the 3 coordinates tells us? (Explain as best you can in your own words). To explore this within Augmented Reality, see the directions below the first screencast.


1) Open up GeoGebra 3D app on your device. 2) Go to MENU, OPEN. Under SEARCH, type the resource id (in URL above): tV6CZy9Y 3) If you want to see the cylinder, find the variable j and set it equal to true (instead of false). 4) The slider a controls r. The slider b controls . The slider c controls z. The e slider dynamically plots the point. If you want to see the cylinder in AR, change the line j = false to j = true The filling slider controls the shading of this cylinder.