Video Six: The Elemental Currents

For this model, the elemental properties of the planets are left out. The author feels that it might have become too confusing to juggle so many different elemental appearances. While a planet is in a constellation, it adopts that constellations’ elemental quality. This also applies to a Polar Point. When the respective element of a planet combines with the respective element of its polar point, an Elemental Current is formed. These currents are karmic reverberations from the most previous life that carried over to this incarnation. They may also affect those that pass from this realm in the current time. At the basic level, they are simply the active energies or vibrations. The elemental contexts here are based on more modern new-age associations. However, the purpose of the elemental currents draws very heavily on the Myth of Er. This table shows the element symbols and all the possible combinations. These may not all be present in the yearly Earth cycle. YouTube Video Link: