Cycloid is the curve traced by a point on a circle as it rolls along a straight line without slipping. A cycloid is an example of a roulette, a curve generated by a curve rolling on another curve. Cykloidy jsou trajektkorie bodů při odvalování kružnice h po přímce p. Prostá cykloida je trajektorie bodu dotyku T.
Construction: Step 2 - Moved centroid h rolls along line p. Animation parametr is rotation angle α. Step 3 - Arc TT' corresponding to the given central angle α. Step 4 - Mesure the radius r of moved circle h. Step 5 - Rectification of arc TT' - constrat the segment TT'' with the length equal to the arc length TT'. TT'' = t . α Step 7 - New position of circle h, angle α anf point T, Point T'' is a new touching point. Step 8 - Locus of all positions of point T is cycloid (tool Trace)