Airport Hangar (AR Modeling Challenge)

In this GeoGebra Augmented Reality Modeling Challenge, the goal is to reconstruct the roof of this Lego airport hangar by authoring 2 surface equations with domain restrictions. Modeling Clues: 1) In the screencast below, the planes x = 0 and y = 0 serve as planes of symmetry for this object . 2) See info in the picture. These are actual measurements. 2) The slant edge (that measures 47 cm) would need to be extended another 120 cm to meet the plane x = 0. 3) For the scale used here in this GeoGebra AR coordinate system, the line containing the points (0,0,5) & (0, 1, 5) serves as the line where the 2 blue planes, if extended upward, would eventually meet. 4) The width of the top rectangular piece is obviously 80 cm * 2 = 160 cm. The length of this rectangle is 284 cm.

Quick (Silent) Demo