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im.g.1.9.2.Who is closest?

Here is a city with three locations of the same store.
1. The company wants to break the city down into regions so that whenever someone orders from an address, their order is sent to the store closest to their home. They have hired you to decide how to partition the city between the 3 stores.

Use the applet above to make the partitions. Then, explain your reasoning.

2. If there are 100 employees, how should they be distributed among the 3 locations? Again, explain your thinking.

3. Is there anywhere in the city that has the same distance to all 3 stores?

4. Now a fourth store opens. Partition the city again. This time, use the applet shown below.


illustrative mathematics. geometry. unit 1. section 9. activity 2. "Who is Closest?" Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license