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Scavenger Hunt

Complete the scavenger hunt by using the tools on the left to create each object.

Create at least 2 points in the box below. Rename these points so that they are labeled with your initials. Challenge: Change the color of the points to your favorite color.

Create line segment AB. Create ray CD. Create Line EF. Challenge: Rename the line segment to be the title of your favorite TV show. Rename the ray to be be title of your favorite movie. Rename the line to be the title of your favorite musical artist.

Create a circle with center A and radius AB. Challenge: After creating your circle, make point A invisible. Use the point, line segment, line, and ray tools to draw a fun face inside your circle.

Describe how to create a line segment in GeoGebra when given a blank window. Test out your instructions on the screen below to make sure you include all relevant details.

Use this window to test out your directions.