Area Using Unit Squares

Area Using Unit Squares Lab guide below the GeoGebra window.
Introduction and Background The area of a shape is determined by finding out how many unit squares it takes to cover the shape. Step 1. Practice with the Unit Square Use the POINTER tool to drag the unit square around the GeoGebra screen to help you estimate the areas of the four figures A, B, C, and D. Record your areas in a Results Table. Results Table Figure..........Area in Unit Squares..........Check Figure A Figure B Figure C Figure D Step 2. Check your Results Right-Click to turn on the GRID. Use the grid to check your results. If your area was correct, write “ok” in the Check column of the table. If you made an error, write the correct area in the Check column. Step 3. Solve a Problem (Keep the GRID turned on.) Mr. Jones has six carpet tiles, each the size of the unit square we are using. He wants your help in designing possible arrangements of the carpet tiles. Use the SEGMENT BETWEEN TWO POINTS tool to draw diagrams of four different arrangements that all have an area of 6 square units. Construct your solutions on the GeoGebra screen in the space below the four figures. Use the MOVE GRAPHICS VIEW tool if needed.