Rotations around a point


Rotate a shape around a point


1.)    Select polygon (in the 5th toolbox on the toolbar) 2.)    Draw the shape you want to rotate by selecting the coordinates in the grid. 3.) Remember to close the shape at the end by selecting your first point. 4.)    Select ‘Rotate around point’ (in the 9th toolbox on the toolbar) 5.)    Select the shape you want to rotate. 6.)    Select the centre of rotation A (0,0) 7.)    Delete the text and type in the letter a 8.)    Select ‘ok’ 9.)    Now you can use the slider to rotate your shape 10.) If you want to try this with a different shape, simply refresh your browser and go to step 1. 11.) Which direction on the slider causes the shape to rotate clockwise/anti-clockwise? 12.) Explore the different angles of rotation