Electric Potential for Multiple Point Charges 的複本


This simulation shows the electric potential for up to eight point charges. Each point can be moved by dragging, and the charge can be adjusted using the sliders. Set the charge to zero to hide a point. The location of the two equipotentials (shown in purple) can be adjusted by moving the small purple points. This simulation is processor intensive, so please be patient when making these adjustments. Two orange probes show the value of the electric potential (assuming zero potential at infinity). The potential difference between them is also shown. The probes can be moved by dragging. Note that equipotentials are surfaces. In this simulation, everything is sitting in the same plane for clarity.
  1. Can you verify that the electric potential has the same value everywhere along an equipotential?
  2. Setup the probes so that each end is on a different equipotential. If you move one probe along its equipotential, how does the potential difference between the probes change?
  3. Can you map out an equipotential using only the probes? Check your work by moving one of the purple equipotentials there.
  4. Can you get two equipotentials to cross one another?
  5. Can you find an equipotential that isn't a complete loop?