Tangent Segments

Gary Buck
Recall that TANGENTS are lines that intersect a circle at ONE point and are PERPENDICULAR to the radius at the point of tangency. When two tangents intersect the segments from the circle to the point of intersection are ... Follow the directions to discover the relationship between the tangent segments formed by the intersection of two tangents of the same circle. 1. Create a circle through point (B). 2. Construct a second point on the circle (C). 3. Construct tangents at points B and C. 4. Construct a point at the intersection of the two tangents (D). 5. Find BD and CD. 6. What do you notice? 7. Move points B and C. What do you notice? 8. Take a screen shot or a snip of your work and submit to the "Tangent Segments" assignment on Schoology.