Velocity field on a rigid lamina

This construction visualizes the velocity field defined by a twist on a rigid lamina. Given a twist in axis coordinates {Vox,Voy;Omega}, and a lamina defined by points A and B, the construction considers a grid of points on the lamina and plots the velocity vector of each point, and the instant center C of the field. Sliders are provided for all variables of the rotor, and for the scale and sparsity of the vector field. Click on the "play" button in the bottom-left corner of the window to "animate" the value of Omega, and see how the field and the instant center evolve. Also, move the sliders for Omega, Vox, or Voy to see the changes in the field. The construction also provides a moveable point P and its velocity Vp (not scaled), so that by moving P you can "probe" the velocity of any point in the lamina. You can use this device to see that the velocity of the origin is [Vox,Voy].