HELP in DRAWING Rational Numbers

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HELP in DRAWING Rational Numbers (Translated from German)

This drawing should help to create tasks. No random numbers are generated, but you can move the dots and see the value on different variants. So you can come up with tasks/numbers without having to think too much. ·        You could take a screenshot of the number line, then maybe hide the texts. Then maybe use a placeholder. ·        You could just use the numbers. ·        If you also hide the points (would be another potential feature) you could also use the number line to enter. With the kgV you set which denominator there can be. With abbreviation switched on, then the numbers are also in abbreviated form, so that it is not too easy. You can switch between shortened or not, as well as mixed fraction or true fraction. The gray side markers can be set independently of the LCM, so you may have to take some bearings with the problems, but if you don't use something totally wrong, it should be obvious be. Of course you can also compress the x-axis (touch Shift + axis) or move the whole picture (touch the background of the drawing) to get different areas.Those who know me can also report errors to me. I will probably add the hiding of the crosses ... soon.AuthorBirgit Lachner