Let's Play

PLAY THE GAME: SAVE OUR EARTH 1) You can see a clue upper left hand corner of the screen. 2) Click the country according to the clue on the map which is located in the right hand side. 3) If you choose the true country, a mathematics question will come to bottom left hand corner. 4) Write your answer in the part of answer which is located below the mathematics question and click enter. 5) If your answer is true, a new clue will come to upper left hand corner. 6) If your answer is false, you will see “wrong” upper left hand corner and you will lose 1 point. Losing 1 point means glacial melting. And then you can try again and again until you find the true answer. As soon as you find true answer and click enter, the new clue comes to upper left hand side. 7) Click the country according to the clue. This circulation will continue again and again. WARNING: Each wrong answer means that glacial melting. If all answers are wrong, glacials will completely melt away. We have to save our earth. I believe you can do it! Don’t forget glacials won’t melt if you give true answers to all questions. You will be a hero in the world.