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Assessment 4

Question 1

The simplest figure in geometry has no length, width, or depth. What is the simplest figure in geometry called? Properly name any four of the figures found in the picture.

Question 2

Plane NAP is not a proper way to name the plane in the picture above. Explain why NAP is an improper way to name the plane. Properly notate the plane in the picture. Explain why collinear and coplanar are important in naming a plane.

Question 3

Question 3

The notation above describes a line segment. The relationship between I and H can be explained as a a line segment. What are the other two ways to describe a line in geometry? What are the differences between each of the three ways to describe a line in geometry?

Question 4

There are two lines in the picture above. Choose the pair of points below which are a part of one of the lines.

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