Is a Maze a Pattern?

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Do mazes repeat?

Mazes can repeat. They also can form patterns. Further, they can contain parts of patterns. A maze can be a path or a collection of paths. It often contains one starting point where it is entered and one exit. Finding the exit usually is the goal of a maze. The exit of a maze can be found by following a path. Labyrinths are often used as a synonym for mazes that aim to confuse someone. This attribute makes mazes great puzzles in themselves.

Solve mazes using patterns.

You can even solve mazes using patterns. One pattern could be: always turn left. That way, you will for sure find the exit and never get lost. Why can you find the exit by turning left? If you turn left always, you walk through a maze without repeating a way that you already went. Of course, this means that it might not be the fastest way to find the exit.

Logic mazes and tour mazes

A logic maze is a maze that follows certain rules. As described, mazes can be solved by patterns such as moving patterns and also can a pattern themselves. A logic maze can be created and solved by logic. They can also be tour mazes which are mazes that guide from one point to another following a path. The mazes we create are mazes that can be considered tour mazes. We want to make you curious about what exercises in science you will have to solve in an environment you can experience at home.