Parallel Lines and Angles


Activity 1

Vertical Angles Exploration

Activity 2

Vertical Angles Exploration

Activity 3

Vertical Angles

Activity 4

Vertical Angles

Activity 5

A Transversal Intersects Parallel Lines

Activity 6

Corresponding Angles: Quick Investigation

Activity 7

Exploring Corresponding Angles

Activity 8

Alternate Interior Angles: Quick Investigation

Activity 9

Alternate Interior Angles Theorem

Activity 10

Exploring Alternate Interior Angles

Activity 11

Alternate Exterior Angles: Quick Investigation

Activity 12

Alternate Exterior Angles

Activity 13

Investigate Same-Side-Interior Angles

Activity 14

Same-Side-Interior Angles

Activity 15

Investigate Same-Side-Exterior Angles

Activity 16

Same-Side-Exterior Angles

Activity 17

Types of relationships

Activity 18

Types of relationships