Practicing the Tools

Plotting Points: Make any shape by plotting points over all quadrants.

What are the coordinates of each point you plotted in the above graph?

Translation: Make any shape with 5 sides.

With the shape above, do the following:

  • Translate your shape 3 times with the Vector Tool
  • Make sure your Image is starting off in quadrant 1
  • Then, your image is being translated into the next two quadrants
  • Record all the proper coordinates (Prime’) and ensure that you are translating it off the Image every time

Rotation: Make an image with 3 vertices.

Using the graph above, complete the following:

  • Place your image in the Fourth Quadrant
  • Plot your 4th point at the origin (0,0)
  • Rotate your shape 2 times clockwise 90 and 270 degrees
  • Rotate your shape 2 more times counterclockwise 90 and 270 degrees

Reflection: Make a hexagon in the 1st quadrant.

Complete the following using the shape above:

  • Reflect the shape in the X and Y axis
  • Reflect the shape in the horizontal axis 4 units below the x-axis
  • Write down the new coordinates

Dilation: Make a quadrilateral centered at the origin.

Using the above graph, complete the following:

  • Dilate the quadrilateral by a scale factor of 3
  • Identify the new coordinates
  • Dilate the quadrilateral by a scale factor of 1/4
  • Identify the new coordinates