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Mizdahkan (2)-(mu)

mausoleum of Mazlum Khan Sulu

The impressive cemetry of Mizdakhan is situated near Nukus in the autonomous region of Karakalpakstan. The most remarkable monument is the 14th century mausoleum of Mazlum Khan Sulu. Muqarnas in the four angles of the square room make the transition to an octagon as the base for a dome. In a second room too there are muqarnas, similar but different from these in the first room.
  • Not two but three layers are crowned by a half 8-pointed star.
  • There are classic elements in it, but in several places there are deviations (grey). E.g. in rear side the construction runs over more than one layer, square elements are not pointed towards the apex of the muqarna but are placed against each other, forming a niche. Even though the floor plan is built up with squares, rhombuses and triangles, the realisation shows that they can form more complex muqarnas constructions.
You have to look closely to understand the construction. Each muqarnas construction has got its own surprises. You soon notice that it's not wise to focus on just one technique.
drawing by Shiro Tahahashi
drawing by Shiro Tahahashi