Essays on Self-Esteem

Self-esteem must be the most written about and most alluded to self-help topic ever conceived in the minds of talk show hosts and legitimate psychologists alike.  Even so, self-esteem is a valid issue, worthy of study.  Essays on self-esteem should begin by defining the term.  Self-esteem is the way we feel about our own self-worth or value.  In the 1970's, with phrases like, "I'm OK, You're OK", it became very in vogue to spend a lot of time thinking about one's own self and personal value. Students who have been assigned essays on self-esteem should use reliable sources on self-esteem like the homework assistance website.  Low self-esteem can cause depression, eating disorders, self-mutilation, and learned helplessness.  People who suffer from low self-esteem are also more susceptible to substance abuse and abusive relationships. Possible causes of low-self esteem, like divorce or other perceived failures, should be included in essays on self-esteem. Essays on self-esteem should note that in past decades, treatment has included writing lists of one's perceived assets, listening all night to recordings of how great one is, and shouting one's own name aloud repeatedly.  But more recently, studies have shown that perhaps the less attention given to thoughts of oneself the better.  Indeed, navel-gazing has produced many a weak-hearted, self-absorbed neurotic. Writers of essays on self-esteem that prefer to focus on the other end of the spectrum - overly high self-esteem - may find themselves writing about narcissism.  Narcissism is when an individual has an inflated view of his own worth.  This condition becomes pathological when the narcissist overestimates his own abilities and has an excessive need for affirmation.  To research this condition for essays on self-esteem, read works on Sigmund Freud and other papers on self-esteem. When students needed to write their own thoughts about communication , many of them strugling due a lack of writing skill, however they may decide to seek help and look for service which write to writing service, they will provide unique content in no time. More information at: Essay on Computer Viruses Essays on Decolonization Research paper about Edgar Degas How to write an essay about existentialism Ryanair Case Studies