developing competences - steps

communication/introduction In this phase the topic is opened. This can be showing a drawing, picture or any other object to the students. It should invite the students to the topic and to awaken their interest. This phase should be a kind of open class discussion/dialogue. implementation The aim of this part is finding ideas for a solution to a problem. Central questions are: How can the situation be managed? What are proposed solutions? In this phase the students are asked to work out and try out different proposals. reflection This phase is very important because it is about reflecting one's own experiences, so it referts to the students themselves. They should be able to explain: What is new for me? What will I do differently in the future? evaluation The evaluation concerns the entire process from the beginning to the end of the sequence/lesson. The teacher should find out wheather the students have achieved the required competences. transfer/final aim The students can transfer acquired competences to another situation.