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Sketching and Measuring Triangles

Drawing your own sketches in Geogebra

On the applet below, use the toolbar to do the following: 1) Click on the "Point" button, and draw 3 points. 2) Click on the "Segment" button and make TWO segments, using the points you've drawn. 3) Click on the "Ray" button and make ONE ray to complete the triangle.

Making Measurements in Geogebra

Once you've done that, use other tools on the toolbar to measure parts of your triangle: 4) Click on the "Distance or Length" button, and measure the length of each SEGMENT 5) Click on the "Angle" button, and measure the 3 interior angles of your triangle

Naming and moving objects in your applet

Renaming objects: Right click on any point in your picture, and rename each point Moving objects: Click on the "Move" button, then click on any point OR label and drag them wherever you like. Placing points on objects: Click on the "Point on Object" button. Place a point on the ray, outside the triangle on the applet above.