Копія Two Mirrors

Source S producing a single ray; A &B mirrors.
NOTES: The blue arrows show which side of the mirror is reflective. I have calculated the bounces in sequence, following the method of the previous worksheets. I want more than this: I want to figure out 1. (if and) when the ray will strike each mirror, 2. how many times it will bounce 3. The positions and directions of the bounces directly from the given information: the relative positions and orientations of the objects. To do this, let me consider the following CASE: Suppose the mirrors are infinitely long, and not parallel. They will intersect. In the region between the two mirrors, introduce a ray. What is its path? In other words, consider the reflection of a ray in a region between two intersecting lines... ________________ Light > Reflection Prev: http://tube.geogebra.org/material/show/id/112549 Next: http://tube.geogebra.org/material/show/id/128470 (Reflect a ray of light: http://www.geogebratube.org/material/show/id/111895)