Slope & Linear Problems

Lesson 3Problem 1Here is a graph of the proportional relationship between calories and grams of fish:
  1. Write an equation that reflects this relationship using x to represent the amount of fish in grams and y to represent the number of calories.
  2. Use your equation to complete the table:  grams of fishnumber of caloriesrow 1row 2row 3
Problem 2Students are selling raffle tickets for a school fundraiser. They collect $24 for every 10 raffle tickets they sell.
  1. Suppose M is the amount of money the students collect for selling R raffle tickets. Write an equation that reflects the relationship between M and R.
  2. Label and scale the axes and graph this situation with M on the vertical axis and R on the horizontal axis. Make sure the scale is large enough to see how much they would raise if they sell 1000 tickets.
Problem 3 (from Unit 2, Lesson 10)Describe how you can tell whether a line’s slope is greater than 1, equal to 1, or less than 1.Problem 4 (from Unit 2, Lesson 12)A line is represented by the equation yx−2=311. What are the coordinates of some points that lie on the line? Graph the line on graph paper.