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BPW Inv 1.2 - Rotations

Open to page 13 in your BPW book or BPW online book link to Investigation 1.2 Rotate the star around a point by completing all steps below then screen shot the final images on to your Google doc.
  • First choose a position on, inside or outside of the star you want to rotate around. You can make a point with Toolbar Image or choose an existing point.
  • Use the Rotate around Point tool Toolbar Image (go to Toolbar Image then use drop down to find Toolbar Image) to rotate the star.
  • Click on rotate around point tool Toolbar Image
  • Then click in the middle of star (not on a point or line) 
  • Then click the point you created or chose in the first step, choose your angle measure and direction.
  • You can use Toolbar Image to drag point around. Screen shot your final image into your Google doc ( you can also use the export image tool in the pancake stack)
Copy, paste and answer these questions in your google doc:
  1. What is the smallest counterclockwise rotation (in degrees) that will roate the star to a new position in which it looks completely unchanged?Where does each point on the star goes after the rotation? (Example A goes to G).
  2. Where is the image of segment AO and where is the segment HO after rotation?
  3. These are questions 3,4 and 5 from Part A.
  4. Describe the paths of points A and H on the compass star as they “move” from their original positions to their images.
  5. Describe the relationship among any point X, its image, and the center of the compass star after the rotation in part (1)
  6. Can you flip the compass star without changing its appearance? If so, what is the line of symmetry. You can use the reflect about Line tool Toolbar Imageto do Part A 5.