Using GeoGebra

In the mathematical tasks you may be asked to input a value or function in GeoGebra. The keyboard may not have the symbol you need, for example the square root symbol, or a power function. A solution to this is using the ^ symbol followed by the argument. Try the examples below. Examples: 1) = x^2 2) = e^x 3) = = (3x - 1)^(1/3) 4) = sin^2(x) 5) = cos^(2x)(5x) Try inputting some of these in the box below and check you got the desired graph. Or you can try any other function!
Sometimes a slider will be provided. This slider enables you to adjust the value of a constant and visualise how the graph changes. Other times you may be given a hint that will help you with the task, you should only access this hint when you have attempted the task and are unable to proceed.   Try the slider below, see what happens the function when the constant is changed. What do you observe? Look at the hint when you are finished.