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CLTC maths: transformations

Check out the four types of transformation

Check out the four types of transformation

Check your prior knowledge

How would you explain what geometric "transformation" is to another student?

From Mr H.

Guys, Last week, we tried to cram quite a few things in: 1) talking about self-assessment and what "success" means to us; 2) we started to become acquainted with Geogebra; 3) we discussed how we define shapes and geometric transformations. We need to consolidate our knowledge about the last one: transformations. This will also help us as we continue to talk about other topics to do with geometry in the next few weeks.
We are learning to: understand and use geometric language accurately about transformations. I Will Be Able To:
  1. Explain the properties of each type of transformation - a) Translation, b) Reflection and c) Rotation
  2. Represent transformations accurately on a Cartesian plane;
  3. Formulate three questions (with answers) to test my peers' knowledge of today's topic.

Watch the first video only (for now). Then ask Mr H. for further instructions. :-)