A.4.9.3 Audience of TV Shows

The number of people who watched a TV episode is a function of that show’s episode number. Here are three graphs of three functions—A,B, and C—representing three different TV shows. 1. Match each description with a graph that could represent the situation described. One of the descriptions has no corresponding graph. a. This show has a good core audience. They had a guest star in the fifth episode that brought in some new viewers, but most of them stopped watching after that. b. This show is one of the most popular shows, and its audience keeps increasing. c. This show has a small audience, but it’s improving, so more people are noticing. d. This show started out huge. Even though it feels like it crashed, it still has more viewers than another show.

3. Which is greatest, A(7), B(7), or C(7)? Explain what the answer tells us about the shows.

2. Sketch a graph of the viewership of the fourth TV show that did not have a matching graph.