Teachers are the most vital resource in our education system, and they have the responsibility of preparing our learners to live and work in a digital society. Improving teachers’ effectiveness in raising learner’s achievement and improving other important school goals are what role players like Vodacom Foundation seek to achieve. Centre for the advancement of science and mathematics education (CASME) has drawn from the theories, experience and practices adopting the notion of professional development for the teachers as seen in the Vodacom Foundation Teacher Development Programme (VFTDP) model. This model and approach is one of its kind since it capacitate teachers with content and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), information technology (IT) as well as technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK).  The(VFTDP) builds on a pilot programme being implemented in 20 schools in each participating province and linked to the establishment of IT Education Centers by the Foundation.The pilot programme provides introduction to Pedagogical Content Knowledge inMathematics and Science and introduces teachers to the use of information technology resources for teaching.Teachers centresTo date Vodacom foundation has erected up to 61teachers centres across the country to provide rural schools with access to information technology and to minimise the digital divide. The teacher centres are equipped with interactive boards, laptops, desktops, servers, data projectors router and printers. The centres provide spaces designed to train teachers on how to integrate ICT in the classroom.