Tim Brzezinski Workshops

GeoGebra Resources for Discovery Learning If you are new to GeoGebra, you do not need extensive GeoGebra experience to modify any existing GeoGebra resource to best suit the learning needs of various groups of students in your classes!  In this session, we will actively experience how GeoGebra can foster active and differentiated discovery learning experiences for any student(s) with specific learning needs and abilities (Algebra 1, Geometry, higher levels).  We will also copy and modify a public GeoGebra resource to create similar versions of this resource with different levels of scaffolding.  In addition, we will also learn how to create our own GeoGebra books (to organize resources). We will also learn how easy it is to assign a GeoGebra task within a GeoGebra Group, Google Classroom, and other LMS platforms.  Be sure to bring your own device!

Workshop 1 - Quick Demo. Points moveable. Click the checkbox & begin!


GeoGebra Apps to ENGAGE Students You don’t have to spend lots of time authoring a GeoGebra resource (ahead of time) to foster discovery learning and plan for active student exploration within your classes.  In this session, we will explore many powerful means through which opening up any GeoGebra app can foster discovery learning, facilitate active student exploration, and serve as a tool through which students can formatively assess results of their own work.  We will explore how these GeoGebra apps can enhance students’ learning experiences in discovering concepts & formatively assessing knowledge of concepts students learn in Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Precalculus, Trigonometry, and Calculus classes. In addition, we will explore how EXAM MODE allows students to safely use GeoGebra’s Graphing Calculator on their own devices when taking low- or high-stakes summative assessments.   Be sure to bring your own device!  

Workshop 2 - Quick Demo


GeoGebra Augmented Reality GeoGebra Augmented Reality is an amazing, easy-to-use platform that can foster tremendous active, engaging, student-centered, discovery-based learning within any mathematics classroom.  GeoGebra AR also serves as an effective tool to create, test, and modify mathematical models for various 3D real-world objects in ways that have never been possible before. Come explore how both GeoGebra AR can amazingly enhance students’ discovery learning and mathematical modeling experiences in BOTH MIDDLE SCHOOL and HIGH SCHOOL!  We will explore GeoGebra Augmented Reality on both iOS (Apple) devices and non-iOS (Android, other) devices. Be sure to bring your own device!

GeoGebra Augmented Reality - Quick Demo on iPad

GeoGebra Augmented Reality - Quick Demo on Acer Chrome Tablet 10