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Geometry Construction Assessments

#1 Copy a Segment (4 points)

Construct a copy of Segment AB at point C. Prove that segment AB is congruent to CD

#2 Copy an Angle (6 points)

Create a Copy of angle BAC. Prove that the angles are the same measure.

#3 Bisect a Segment (4 points)

Bisect segment AB. Prove that the 2 parts of the segment are congruent.

#4 Bisect an Angle (4 points)

Bisect the given angle BAC. Prove the 2 parts are congruent.

#5 Constructing Perpendicular Lines (6 points)

Construct a perpendicular line through point A. Prove that the lines are perpendicular.

#6 Constructing Parallel Lines (6 points)

Construct a line parallel to AB through point C. Prove that one pair of corresponding angles are congruent.