Algebra Quickstart Info


General Information

The  GeoGebra Algebra Quickstart introduces users to the basic use of algebraic input in GeoGebra.  It provides information about 
  • tips and tricks for algebraic input
  • the use of Graphics Tools and their corresponding Commands
  • using Commands in the Algebra View
  • customizing the Graphics View
  • enhancing constructions using the Style Bar


Chapter 1: Algebra Quickstart
  1. How to Enter Algebraic Input
  2. How to Use GeoGebra's Tools
  3. How to Customize the Graphics View
  4. Tips and Tricks for Algebraic Input
Chapter 2: Learn more about GeoGebra
  1. The Graphics Tools
  2. Graphics Tools and their Corresponding Commands
  3. How to Use Commands
  4. How to Change Color, Size and Style
  5. How to Show Name, Value or Caption of Objects
  6. The GeoGebra Quickstart Series