Points, Lines, and Planes

The applet below shows a two-dimensional and three-dimensional model of the same points, lines, and planes. Spend a couple minutes exploring the objects and how they interact with each other when you move them. Then answer the questions below.

Name three non-collinear points.

Check all that apply

Name the line containing point E.

Line CG intersects Line AE at _________.

Line FJ and Line GK intersect at _______.

Two lines intersect at ______.

Check all that apply

What is the difference between a line and a line segment?

Name two line segments contained in Line AB?

How do we name a plane? Give one name for the plane shown in grey.

Which lines are coplanar? (select all)

Check all that apply

A line intersects a plane at _______.

Check all that apply

Two planes intersects at ______.

Check all that apply