TWINS (22 May) Activity 3 (Page)

(A) Try it Out:

Instructions: 1. Click the "Play" button below. (a) Observe what happens 2. Check the checkboxes. (a) Observe what happens.

Sample file:

(B) Hands-on Activity:

Instructions: 1. Create a graph f(x)=sin(x). a. Type “ sinx ” into the Algebra input bar. 2. Create a graph g(x)=cos(x). a. Type “ cosx ” into the Algebra input bar. 3. Create a checkbox to show/hide g. 4. Hide g. 5. Create the graph f'(x). a. Type “ Derivative(f) ” into the Algebra input bar.  Note: Derivative( {function} ) 6. Create a point A on f. 7. Create a point B on f'(x) that follows A. a. Type “ (x(A), f'(x(A))) ” in the Algebra input box. 8. Hide f'. 9. Show trace for point B. 10. [optional] Show f'. (see trace compared to full graph) 11. Turn animation on for point A. 12. Show g. (compared derivative of f to g)